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Chautauqua Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is currently the only Eden Registered Nursing Home in the State of Florida. As a comprehensive culture change model, The Eden Alternative focuses on creating elder-centered communities—wherever elders live—that thrives on close and continuing relationships, meaningful interactions, opportunities to give as well as receive, and a rich and diverse daily life. Elder-centered communities are places where treatment is the servant of genuine human caring, elders are the daily decision-makers, and where wise leaders grow other leaders.

This prestigious designation is reserved for the top 10% of nursing homes in the nation!


DeFuniak Springs, Fla. – Chautauqua Rehabilitation & Nursing Center has been named to U.S. News & World Report’s Best Nursing Homes 2014 list.

The news magazine and website each year publishes a list of the best nursing homes in the United States based on data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The list is designed, according to U.S. News & World Report, to help the millions of Americans who will spend time in a nursing home this year.

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Easter Parade with our Residents, Staff and children from Chautauqua Child Care in DeFuniak Springs, on Tuesday.  The ladies wore hats they decorated.  The children wore hats they decorated.001 002 003 004 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015 017

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Today’s Lunch was a “Low Country Boil” that included shrimp, potatoes and corn.  Tossed salad and dessert!  Residents and Staff are enjoying this inside, the rain can’t damper their lunch! — at Chautauqua Rehabilitation and Nursing Center103 107 108 109 110

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Throughout our lives, we plan for many things.  We plan our grocery lists, write down appointments and make plans for large purchases.  Some of us never thing about making decisions ahead of time and putting them in writing, but this can br…ing peace of mind to us and our loved ones.  Having a plan in place avoids the often difficult situation in which a person becomes ill and loved ones are left to guess what that person’s true wishes may be.
My Wishes Workshop, Wednesday, April 23rd, in the Hall of Fame Dining Room.
Receive 2 important guides for documenting your personal plan.  Help will be available for Q/A and to assist participants in the first steps of completing a plan.
Participation and resources are free, but a RSVP is requested if possible.
Please RMy Wishes WorkshopSVP to 850-729-1800 or 892-2176 — with Covenant Hospice.
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Two of our Residents are on a vacation to Cape San Blas.  They are enjoying the games, festivities, sunshine and Beach!  They’ve made new friends.  They’ve also made sandcastles!   Oh, what fun they are having!   Our group won the “Most Spirited” award!  You can tell,  they are having a BLAST at Cape San Blas!!group john w photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 3 (1) photo 3 photo 4 (1) photo 4 photo 5 trophy whole group

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Today we held a celebration luncheon for the staff.  This was to celebrate the PLATINUM survey results received from ACHA’s annual recertification visit earlier this month.  There was music in the courtyard as stakeholders tried to teach the administrator how to do the Electric Slide.

Congratulations to the stakeholders for the hard work and dedication to our home!

Some of our lady residents have formed a choir and one of them plays the piano for them.  They will be playing at a local church soon.  This choir is led by our chaplain, Gina Bowden.

Karen, Bonnie, and Sonya took some of our residents to see a movie “God’s Not Dead” in Destin.  One chaperone went on her day off to enjoy the movie with the residents!  One resident hadn’t been out on the bus in a couple of years. Thank you, ladies, for taking the time to encourage her to go!  The residents enjoyed the movie and a picnic lunch at a pavilion at the beach.  What a beautiful day to see the beach!   They were all excited when they got back to tell us how awesome the movie was!

This morning the Walton Braves Baseball team joined us as we officially “Batted” off our Fundraiser for their teammate, Kole Bengston, who is having surgery this morning in Jacksonville.  Anyone can participate in our fundraiser.  We are collecting $3 and you can put your name on a paper jersey to add to the wall!   Come by and help KOLE!
Go Walton High School Braves!   We are batting for TEAM KOLE!


Chautauqua Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Please vote for our video and help us win!  http://ltcrevolution.com/ROAR

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To our Friends at Chautauqua:

Congratulations on the great work you have done!  You guys are awesome!

Regency Hospice

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